Episode 173: Taking Resilience a Step Deeper and Raising Tough Kids

Join me as we discuss:

*A "hello" to TSP listeners and my fellow MSB members.

*A more in-depth look at how we raise resilient kids.

*A follow up post from last weeks article on Hurricane Sandy and getting kids ready for difficult things like death or natural catastrophies. 

*What is resilience and how it has much less to do with self-esteem than we think.



The devastating Hurricane Sandy has left her mark on the United States.  My heart and authentic prayers go out to all that were affected and I love to see how many are responding with their time and money to aid their fellow man, their fellow Americans.  Right after Sandy blew through I had a young mom ask me about talking to their kids about Sandy, and whether they should.  Another mother who survived the storm asked what she should say to her kid about the storm?  These all let to last weeks show on how to talk to kids about disasters.

Lessons from Sandy: Kids and Disasters - episode 170 on helping kids understand and helping them through major disasters.  

 Avoiding Teacup Kids: Dr. Donna Volpitta on Raising Resilient Kids - episode 112 on raising resilient kids. 

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