Episode 234 FPN Interview with Renee Mercer on Bedwetting


Renee Mercer from www.bedwettingstore.com

Renee Mercer from www.bedwettingstore.com

Join me as we discuss:

An interview with Renee Mercer and her career in working with families dealing with bedwetting and enuresis.

When should parents (what age) begin setting up a bedwetting treatment?

What is the best way to treat bedwetting?

What do you do if your kids going off to summer camp but still has occasional accidents.




The Bedwetting Store - Renee's wonderful and very comprehensive store for families growing kiddos working through bedwetting at http://bedwettingstore.com 

Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Bedwetting - Renee's book on bedwetting.

Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness - KINDLE EDITION



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