Oct 26

A Daddy Again!!

Compliments of Abilene Regional Hospital

Please forgive my more irratic responses on FPN.  We have had some major changes lately and found out that we are having another kiddo!!!  As I was planning out this blog post I was retrospectively thinking about the reactions I have gotten from many friends and family members.  Some were purely jubilant.  Text messages were finished with multiple exclamation points and conversations were permeated with happy tones and smiles.


However, many were not this way.  Some wanted to know the infamous question of “how are you going to pay for that?”  Some were painted on smiles that lacked the real joy in responses and this left me to wondering: “why do so many see this as a negative experience.”  I think at least one answer is this: most don’t have the experience of parenting that I do.  Since many parents are very un-skilled (not meant hurtfully) at parenting, the process of having kids just flat out sucks! 


The beautiful thing is that the experience does not have to be like that.  It can be better and that is what FPN was created for.  I grew up as an only child and very few skills as a parent and as such guess how many kids I wanted…just one!  After I studied, learned, and implemented what I had gained I found that having kids, even a bunch of them, was not only enjoyable, but a joy!  I loved being a daddy.  Most people do not believe me at first when I say this, but now my wife and I have talked about having 12-15 kiddos.  Sounds crazy, but when  you are good at something, why not do what your good at right?


Now I can hear the comments now: “Trey, I could never be that.”  Bullcrap!  Who told you that?  Sure you can.  You may never want to be, but never believe that you cannot be.

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